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“I believe in a team approach to medicine. My patients commit to the process and we work together toward a common goal.”

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Dr. Garlick completed his medical training at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his residency in Newark, New Jersey. After residency, Dr. Garlick completed a fellowship in sports medicine followed by another in adult reconstruction. He has presented papers as well as lectured locally as well as nationally. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Dr. Garlick has advanced training in all areas of sports and joint replacement-including complex cartilage restoration, ligament reconstruction and joint resurfacing and replacement. He is trained in robotic surgery, navigation, arthroscopy, and minimally invasive surgery for knee replacement. He is currently one of the only surgeons in the region performing outpatient surgery center knee replacement that has been featured on FOX NEWS for this. Although he has been trained in all areas of sports and joint reconstruction, his keen interest lies in KNEE JOINT PRESERVATION and PATIENTS WITH KNEE ARTHRITIS.

Stem Cell procedure promises relief from joint pain without surgery.


  • Medical Degree, University of South Florida College of Medicine
  • Residency, UMDNJ
  • Fellowship, Florida Orthopaedic Institute

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Dr. Garlick, his nurse and staff have been wonderful throughout a four week period of treatment on my right knee. I was almost ready for a knee replacement and had been researching stem cell therapy for the knee after three friends and neighbors had the treatment with another doctor who was not an orthopedic surgeon. My research led me to Dr. Garlick, an orthopedic surgeon who also uses stem cell therapy along with the PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. My treatment consisted of harvesting my stem cells and injecting them into the knee followed by 3 injections of PRP which was completed last week. Although no doctor can guarantee the long term results as this is experimental, my knee is feeling better and the pain almost gone just 3 days after the final injection. Dr. Garlick, has been so gentle and understanding and the injections were almost pain free. I will and have recommended Dr. Garlick to many friends and family. He is a great doctor and has a wonderful bedside manner.

Joyce Rich

For over 3 years I was in such pain with my right knee that it was so hard to walk, stand or sit without pain in my knee and leg. After being referred to the Florida Orthopaedic Institute, I scheduled a consulting with Dr. Grant Garlick to discuss my options. It was determined that I needed a partial knee replacement and scheduled surgery on June 30, 2014 where the procedure was performed at the Florida Hospital of Carrollwood. The care at the hospital was exceptional from the pre-op until the day I left the hospital. A followed the therapy to the letter for weeks following the surgery and I am proud to say that I am back to the gym and able to walk, stand and work-out without pain. I just completed my annual exam with Dr. Garlick and my knee looks good and feels great. I highly recommend Dr. Garlick and the Florida Orthopaedic Institute to anyone who is seeking relief of knee pain and to get back to your normal activities and enjoying life.

Jeanie C Croes

I went to Dr. Garlick for a possible partial or full knee replacement in the fall of 2011.  Needless to say I was nervous and apprehensive.  Dr. Garlick suggested injecting the knee, which made me next to tears from fright.  He projected so much confidence, and concern for me not to be afraid, that my fear disapated.  The injection was painless, much to my surprise.  I ended up having to have a partial knee replacement in November 2011.  Within no time I was walking without support and showing unbelievable progress.  I attribute my well being to Dr. Garlick's professionalism in the surgical room as well as the expertise in before and after care.  He is one of the few doctors that knows how exceptional his ability is, yet has a down to earth demeanor with his patients.  I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes and he's never rushed through an appointment.  He had his staff available to me well after I left the hospital and they were all top notch.


Felicia F. Minardi


I saw Dr Garlick for an issue with my left knee. Received an injection and can now bike, swim and walk my 3 miles each morning with no pain or swelling at all. I could not be happier with the care I have received by Dr Garlick and his staff.

william cook

I wish I could write a disertation on how I felt after leaving my appointment with Dr. Garlick and his staff!  The experience couldn't have been more rewarding and thorough.  Everyone was extremely accomadating and professional.  The time each of the staff, and (especialy) the doctor took, was just amazing.  Everything was explained thoroughly and efficiently.  Dr. Garlick was very personable and genuinely concerned for my well being.  I know I am on my way to a complete pain free knee after my physical therapy and surgery.  I am so grateful to have found this astonishing institute with such an incredible doctor and staff.

Francine Krawiec

At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with chondromalacia in both knees. Since my surgeon no longer did major surgeries, he referred me to Dr. Watson at Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He couldn't give me a replacement for at least another ten years. He referred me to Dr. Garlick. By the time I went to see Dr. Garlick, I was unemployed. My career was law enforcement, and it is an unforgiving occupation and one that you cannot do while walking with a cane. And for that reason, I was not able to return to my job in law enforcement after my initial surgery. Desperate for help and with my health insurance expiring in a week and two children to support, I saw Dr. Garlick. He told me I was an excellent candidate for a reconsruction. When I finally was able to find a job, I returned to Dr. Garlick and he instead took a chance and performed a partial replacement on me.

On November 4, 2013 Dr. Garlick changed my life. I was walking the very next day and in two weeks I was back to work. I had very minimal pain after the surgery. I kept waiting for the pain to kick in the day after surgery but it never did. I only required six physical therapy sessions. My therapist said he's never discharged anyone from therapy that quickly that underwent such a major surgery.

A year later, I couldn't be happier with my knee. A year ago I couldn't walk to the kitchen without being in excruciating pain. Yesterday, I took my family to the zoo and walked the entire zoo without any pain. It's incredible the difference Dr. Garlick has made in my life. He is a kind-hearted and compassionate surgeon with skilled hands. I'm forever grateful for Dr. Garlick. Thank you!!!

Jamie Huegel Reyes

I had a total knee replacement at Florida Hospital, Carrolwood, on 6 April 2015. Thanks to Dr Garlick and all the people at Florida Hospital, I never came close to the pain I had anticipated. I feel Dr Garlick is the best in this and any other field he would choose. His bedside manner should be the model for the world of medicine. I have already passed his name and contact information onto 6 people who have been told they need some type of knee repair. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the scar and the total range of motion that I reached in so sort a time. The total experience , from my first visit with Grant to what I and my wife,( who is also a patient of his ) enjoy is outstanding. I will miss not seeing him until my next appointment in 10 months. He is a Super Doctor and Surgeon!

Edward J. Alexander

Dr. Garlick diagnosed my knee arthritis condition after detailed examinations, X-rays and MRI. He advised that my knees are deteriorated due to osteoarthritis with the left being much worse. He advised two options: total knee replacement (80% probability of pain relief) and stem cell therapy (70% probability). After more detailed discussion, I decided for stem cell therapy. I had the bone marrow aspiration from the right side of my pelvis on February 5. After centrifugation to concentrate the cells, the concentrate was injected in my left knee. I felt minor discomfort during the procedure but no pain. This was followed with three injections of platelet rich plasma, extracted from my own blood, spaced during three subsequent weeks. The PRP concentrate was similarly injected into my left knee. The third injection was administered on March 3. Although the full effect of the treatment will take about 10 to 12 weeks, I have already felt relief and I am optimistic about the final outcome. The next step will be a review with Dr. Garlick on June 5. I am very pleased with the professionalism and personal care of Dr. Garlick and his nurse, Kaileigh and highly recommend their services.

Alberto F. Hidalgo, Sr.

I visited on 9/30/14 with two very sore knees. I was prepped by a friendly medic, was seen quickly by Dr. Garlick and suggested a path of treatment chemically instead of anticipated surgery. I agreed. I was given an injection into each knee by a very capable P/A with no discomfort. I was given instructions on what to expect and directed to be fitted for knee braces. Again a very professional technician with good instructions and manners. All in all a good experience.
I walked to my car upright and without pain. Made it an early night and woke at 3:30am because I did not have any unusual experience! Many thanks to Dr. Garlick and his staff!

Alex Cantcuzene